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Some habits for success

Success has no exact meaning success may differ from one person. Usually getting successful means achieving anything. Here in this blog I am going to tell you some habits to get successful from the book "Miracle Morning" .

                           The author of this book is the Hel Erode.This book is based on his life experiences and research.
            Note:According to this book these things should be done at morning as the title of the book .
                            So,without any further ado let's start

1. Silence(Meditation):According to the author silence means meditation or prayer.Most of the people immediately start taking tension by reading newspaper,some by checking out social media and so on.
                             But, successful people don't do that.They usually prefer doing yoga,meditation which helps to keep their brain calm.
                               At first author use to think that mediation has no relation with success.It's just an spiritual activity.But, when he start doing it mediation changed his life.Most of the self made millionaires,billionaires,successful people mediate once a day.  
                             Meditation is a broad topic.A blog will also be coming in which I will be explaining advantages of it.   

2. Affirmation: Affirmation is noting but just a positive statement that we say to ourselves again and again in order to stuck in our Subconscious  mind and our subconscious mind also start thinking it true and work same way in reality as well.

3.Visualization: Visual is a very powerful technique with is similar to affirmation.In  visualization you need to visualize things.As our subconscious mind can't differentiate between reality and imagination it thinks we have already achieved it in our real life.So,our subconscious mind also start thinking it true and work same way in reality as well.

4.Exercise:Exercise not only helps us to get successful but also make our body fit and strong.Exercise gives more oxygen to our brain,Your brain releases Endorphin,it clears your thinking and also helps you to feel and think better.In fact if you do Jumping Jack for just 1 minute.It increases your energy,help you to clear your thoughts up to  10 times better.

5.Reading self improvement books: Reading self help books can be very effective.From books you can learn the skills,views,different ideas from different authors.I personally read books a lot .Reading book not only gives you knowledge but also changes your personality and help in self development.


                                                                          6.Scribing : Scribing means writting about your drems,ideas,knowledge.I personally to write a lot in my personal diary and in microsoft word.I write different ideas that popup in mind during any time.

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